Trying again…

I wasn’t entirely happy with the way my temperature scarf was coming along, so I frogged the entire thing, and redid it.


I’m much happier with this redo. The stitch pattern is the Rev. Slippy Garter which I found on Ravelry, and has icord edging. I really like the way it shoes off the metallic thread better.

February has been pretty boring, with just the moss colour so far. Hoping for some variation at least.


The 2.5 inch blanket.

I have always wanted to make a blanket, but the sheer amount of time you need to put into them has always put me off, and I always get bored right at the cast on. so I’ve made it my mission to try an get through as much of this blanket as possible, which actually seems to be working OK.

I have 2.5 inches done. I cast on 200 stitches.

I think I’m doing OK.


It’s just a simple garter stitch pattern with icord edging, but I really like it.

I think it’s been easier for me to get this far, since I’m using worsted yarn held doubled, with 10mm needles. No way would I be able to do this with anything smaller. It’s a nice project to work on while watching films or game playthroughs, I usually start a really long game playlist and knit away.

I think this coupled with the Temperature scarf is a good mix, no pressure to finish quickly, and they’re both simple projects, so no memorising lace patterns (and while I like lace, it can get a bit stressful sometimes)

I do want a more complicated pattern on the side though, for when I get sick of this for a while (hopefully just for a day or two), so hopefully I won’t burn out completely.

I got my yarn

And the temperature scarf has been started. :D


Completed January and started February. Using the beige as a separator colour. The sparkly thin yarn is when it rained or snowed, and there are two different ones for rain and snow but you can’t really tell ;_;


It will be around 6 feet, which works out perfectly because I am 5’7″/5’8″. I was a bit scared it would be too short.

Knit in the round in 1×1 rib, and it’s super smooshy.

Colour legend


It’s been relatively cold, and you can see the cold spell we had with a lot of snow (4 inches)

Hopefully I can keep this up, I think it would be nice to have a scarf at the end of the year which hasn’t made me want to tear my hair out.

Temperature Scarf – the one scarf that I’ll (probably) enjoy making.

I refuse to knit scarves. Or, at least, scarves with ends. Infinity scarves are fine, you can get away with making those shorter than usual because it’s already around your neck.

But normal scarves would kill me. So many rows, in such fine yarn (most of them, anyway)

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to try making a lace weight scarf but the chance of it happening is almost 0.


I found out about the KAL Temperature scarf, where you assign colours of yarn to temperature ranges, so if you assigned red to 20C – 25C, and the temperature that day was 23C, you would knit a row of red. And you continue like this everyday for a year.

I’m confident this is a scarf I can make, simply because I’m only expected to do one row a day. It can’t be that hard (unless I get bored – a possibility)

FO Friday has not come around for me this week.

My wrist has never quite been the same since I crocheted an exhibition piece for work experience about 2 years ago. I had to crochet non-stop for about 4 days in order to get it done in time, and I must have done something. Needless to say I can’t knit or crochet as much as I used to be able and I do need regular breaks. Or at least I tell myself that.

I don’t want to make it worse so I’m having to take a break for a bit, hence no FOs. I have worked a bit on my jumper and am on the last decrease row, and I’ve been trying to figure out how long it takes or me to make one unicorn so I can price accordingly. I’ve run out of stuffing though so I can’t work on it until I get paid so I can buy some  more.

I might not post for a few days, because a new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) called Guild Wars 2 (you might have heard of it) is coming out in a few hours, and I do like my MMORPGs. I’ve been waiting for this for years as well, so my attentions will be diverted haha.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a wrist brace and my wrist will hurt less so I can get some crochet and knitting done soon.


What was your first finished project?

My first project was rather ambitious considering my patience levels, but it was a knit in the round Hufflepuff scarf, since Hufflepuff is the the best house, I don’t care what anyone else says. It’s huge width wise and it took so long I cast off before it was full size because I was sick of it after a while. I did learn how to do stripes, they aren’t that hard. This was about 2 years ago.

I’m making a jumper (WIP Wednesday)

I got one of Kim Hargreaves books “Heartfelt: The Dark House Collection” for Christmas last year, and I still hadn’t made anything from it. Since my knitting skills have improved since then I thought it was time to try and tackle one.

I decided on “Emily”, since it seemed easy enough but not so easy that I’d get bored, plus I love the shape of it and while the sleeves aren’t what I’d usually go for, I quite like them in this design.

In order to make this a relatively cheap project and not horrendously expensive, I decided to use Hayfield Aran in Lavender instead of the suggested Rowan Kid Classic. It also means it’s washable, and since I have no time or patience to handwash what I own 99% of what I make have acrylic in it anyway.
At first I was afraid I’d get bored of it since there are a lot of rows using only 4.5mm needles, while I imagine that’s pretty standard it still seems pretty small to me. I managed to finish the back panel in about 5 days on and off, and that is the most time consuming piece to make so I’m hoping the rest won’t take too much more time. I plan to knit the sleeves two at a time so not only are they the same length, it should also go a little quicker.
Here is my progress so far:
I was a bit worried it would be too big, but since my gauge is a bit smaller and I made the next size down because my size seemed to big as well, I’m wondering if it might be a bit too small, and with my large chest I might need to do that portion in the medium size. I’ll figure it out when I get to it.

New list! My 10 top favourite Ravelry Patterns (so far)

Since I have been doing a lot of knitting recently I decided to just compile a list of some Ravelry patterns that I really like. I haven’t made all of these, but I hope to at some point.

List is in no particular order.

  Octopuss (Paid – $5 /~£3/~ 4 EUR)

Pattern link here:

Now I don’t know about you, but this basically takes two of my favourite animals and smushes them together into one slightly creepy but awesome creation. And since creepy but cute things are also something I love, I am determined to make this some day No doubt if I show this to Nephee (one of my irl friends who probably wouldn’t appreciate her real name being put down) she would also want one too. It is her birthday soon…

Dragonfly Wings (Free)

Pattern link here:

I made this in a midnight blue yarn with lime green Miyuki beads, and it is gorgeous. I love this pattern, the garter detail in the stocking stitch keeps it from being too boring, and the lace pattern is easy to understand and is good for a beginning lace knitter. Beads are optional, but my opinion is that more beads = better. You could disagree though.

Bigger on the Inside (Free)
I love Doctor Who, and anything associated with it. And this is a shawl that has the TARDIS on it. Can you see why this is on this list? I am definitely making this in the future, maybe when the Doctor has come back for his new series on the BBC. 
Woody (Paid 4 EUR /~£3/~$5)

Lots of i-cord which I hate, but I would be willing to put up with it for this pattern. The entire design just looks so cool, like a skeletons hand maybe? I’m just imagining making this in black and white and it makes me happy. I also prefer fingerless gloves to have separated fingers instead of one big hole to put all your fingers through so that is also a good thing.
Rock Island (Paid – $6 /~£3.80/~ 4.80 EUR)
This is a complicated lace pattern as you can probably see, and as a result I will probably not be able to make this for a while. But the lace pattern is absolutely beautiful and I can see myself wearing this a lot. I even like the designers original colour choice, in fact I’d probably make mine the same colour. Apparently people do have difficulty with this so I would attempt it unless you are a really experienced knitter, but it’s nice to have something to aspire to.
Flourish (Free)

 Love love love this hat, unfortunately the last time I tried to make it it was waaaay too small and I haven’t attempted it again. Usually I hate things like ribbons etc but I think with a black ribbon and a purple hat it would look really nice. Plus you can wear it several ways. Will be attempting again at some point in the future.
October is for Spinners (Free)

Love the idea of this scarf, pretty creative and has the advantage of getting quicker the more you work on it. At first I was dreading making a scarf out of lace yarn, but it’s actually four strands of it held together which is much more suited to my attention span. Despite my hatred of spiders I can’t wait to cast this on and have an awesome scarf. And everyone will be jealous.
Summer Flies (Free)

I’m not too sure how complicated the lace pattern is, but in worsted it must be less fiddly than lace weight. I just think this is a really pretty pattern that can be worn multiple ways like Dragonfly Wings. Probably wouldn’t make it in pink, but in a deep purple I think this could be really nice.
recipe of the month :: eyelet yoke sweater (Free)

I seem to be loving jumpers recently, and this is a nice simple one with some eyelet detailing: probably my most favourite detail. It also has a dip hem which I like in my jumpers, I’m not sure why. The patterns are written for a size 34 (not sure if she is referring to bust size or European sizing) but she has made it easy to modify to fit your body. This would probably just be a slouch around the house thing for me.

Snowball’s Chance in Hell (Free)

Considering I really hate wearing stereotypically Goth things like skulls, I really like this pattern. The morphing pattern is pretty unique (at least, I haven’t seen it anywhere else) and they must be warm, look how long they are! I’d probably add a proper thumb to them because I really dislike the type of thumb opening, but otherwise it is a really nice pattern.
This didn’t take as long as I though it would (thankfully), but now you can see what some of my favourite patterns are on Ravelry. I do feel like I am betraying my poor crochet hooks since they are all knitting, but I’ll make it up to them somehow.