Inedible Jammy Dodgers

While browsing Ravelry I found this pattern for crochet Jammy Dodgers, and I realised I needed them right now.




You don’t know how sad I am that these aren’t real.

I used aran weight yarn with a 4.5mm hook, and they actually make pretty good coasters (they’re about 3.5″ across)

Since the maker of the pattern has given permission for people to sell these (it’s in the comments, a little ways down) I was thinking of selling these in my (hopefully) new etsy shop as coasters. Packs of 2 maybe? I’ll have to think about it.


It’s been a loooong time. How have you been?

Portal references aside…

So I’ve been neglecting this blog which is a bit unfortunate. It’s nice to have somewhere to talk to and get feedback from people I don’t know and while Tumblr can do that I still have irl friends on there which probably do not care about my personal life that much.

A lot has happened. I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety (not surprising, I’ll be honest), my boyfriend broke up with me, we (kinda) got back together, I’ve decided to open an Etsy store for generic hand knit and crochet items, the unicorn plushes just weren’t going right and I got frustrated.

Hopefully I can spend more time on here.

Progress on my not-so-little unicorn.

In order to get his mane all sorted, I tried using hairpin lace. It works pretty well, especially if you use crochet thread as the joining thread. It’s also a lot safer and you can’t pull it out anymore :D

Finally decided on a leg pattern I’m happy with, might make it a bit smaller for the front legs but who knows. Otherwise I’m very happy with this.

Feedback on my WIP pattern? (WIP Wednesday)

As you may or may not have seen from my last post, I am making a unicorn pattern based on the one I made for my friend. I’m not just changing a few rows here and there, it’s more like using it as a base and adding and taking away things, or changing things completely. I think what I have done so far is sufficiently different from the original pattern to be called it’s own.

Bear in mind this is a WIP, and I still have the horn and legs to do. I am changing the tail as it just doesn’t match with the mane at all and it’s a bit too low down to look right. The colours are from yarn in my stash that I just had a lot of, but I’m regretting the black for testing and modifying, it’s so hard to see. :<

I tried doing short-ish legs but they just looked odd with the full sized head and body, so I’m thinking either proportioned legs or longer than usual legs? I’ll be trying these out later today when it’s not 3am, but I was wondering what people thought. He’s about 5 inches tall right now without limbs.

I’ll probably use safety eyes instead of buttons since this won’t be child safe anyway with the mane the way it is, unless I decide I like the aesthetic or if other people like it.

I’m happy with it so far, but I’ll see how I feel after I have some sleep, but right now I’m proud with what I came up with. Nothing I have made so far has followed the original pattern exactly, just as a guide for measurements. The head is a completely different shape as well, more realistic and less cute. I’d prefer it if it was a bit cuter but I’m not sure how to do that without making it silly. Maybe bigger eyes or a wider top head? Figure that out later.