Getting soaked at an 18th

I managed to get a lift from a friend to help get me to my friends house where the party was being held, and the first thing we saw was a giant inflatable slide. When she said bouncy castle I thought she just meant a small thing, not a huge tall slide. It was fun to go down though.

I had hastily wrapped her present in an old box I found and covered it in wrapping paper. I had the genius idea of covering the inside with duct tape, since it hid the joins. Improvisation is my strong point, how do you think I passed English?




I personally think it looks like an improvised coffin, but it worked and she got to the party safely. I guess my friend could also reuse the box too, so that’s a thing.

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A unicorn appears! (FO Friday?)

Say hello to Charlize the Unicorn, although that is my name choice, not my friends.



After two days of almost solid work I have got her finished just in time for my friends birthday party. I added little crosses for her nose and used duplicate stitch to swing the colour change to the back since I took these photos, so don’t worry about it looking odd. I’ll be taking a small break (I’ll probably last two days knowing me) so my wrist can recover.

Now I just have to work out how to wrap it and get it to her. I might have a box somewhere…

Decapitated Unicorn?

After working on this from 8am this morning to 9pm this evening, and after many distractions, I managed to finish all the legs of this unicorn and her body. And attach them.
Pretty proud of that not gonna lie. It is even on both sides, I guess I just posed her a bit sloppily.

She even stands up and stays quite well surprisingly. The pattern makes her a bit bottom heavy which probably helps.
Reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus a bit. But more purple and less creepy. And headless.
Should be able to get the rest done tomorrow (I’ll have to, the party’s on Saturday) and the only big thing to do is the head. No way am I getting a zombie one done, but I might make myself one after I’ve gotten my jumper done, or maybe as a sort of distraction project if I get bored with the jumper.

I sense a birthday coming on.

It’s one of my friends birthday parties on the 18th and I have yet to make her a present. Technically her birthday was on the 11th, but there was no way of seeing her then.

After asking one of our mutual friends for a list of things she likes, and knowing I can not  make something like a scarf in a day, I was a bit relieved to see she liked things things that could be made into amigurumi. Like unicorns.

I’m thinking of making two of these, a generic cute one and a zombie one but I’m not sure if that’s a bit over-ambitious. I’m much faster at crochet than I am with knitting though, and they don’t seem too big. It’s also an excellent opportunity to use up some of my stash yarn that wouldn’t get used otherwise.
I’m thinking of maybe purple, lilac and white for the cute version, and green, dark green, and some other decay-ish clour for the zombie one if I get round to it. I’m thinking blue or something but I’m not sure.
I’v been knitting a lot recently for the Ravellenics and just because I want to get this jumper finished, so I might need a small break after this. My hand is already screwed up from doing an exhibition piece for work experience, and I don’t really want to make it worse. If anyone has any tips to stop wrist pain then please feel free to tell me.