Getting soaked at an 18th

I managed to get a lift from a friend to help get me to my friends house where the party was being held, and the first thing we saw was a giant inflatable slide. When she said bouncy castle I thought she just meant a small thing, not a huge tall slide. It was fun to go down though.

I had hastily wrapped her present in an old box I found and covered it in wrapping paper. I had the genius idea of covering the inside with duct tape, since it hid the joins. Improvisation is my strong point, how do you think I passed English?




I personally think it looks like an improvised coffin, but it worked and she got to the party safely. I guess my friend could also reuse the box too, so that’s a thing.

All I’m going to say about the party was that it was wet, because everyone had access to the hose. The actual weather was unbearably hot at 28C (that’s really hot here in England so we all kinda melted) but it was windy and there was plenty of shade so that took the edge off a bit. Also there was ice cream and several soft drinks. We even got smoothies.

My friend liked her present, she kinda squealed and said “ASGVBJFDK IT’S ADORABLE I WILL NOT LEAVE THIS ALONE” which is a good sign. It kind of sparked off a discussion with her mum saying I should sell them, how to price things and other ideas. I’m genuinely considering it to be honest, since the thought of a “proper job” is very unappealing to me. I’m not sure if my wrist would cooperate with me though…

I took a lot of photos and I want to share them with you.

My present.
One of our mutual friends presents.




I am in love with her hair.



Not the best photos I realise, but I didn’t want to go on the slide until the guys had left because they were being pretty rough. So I took pictures instead. Just as well I did, because no one else took any, and my friend seems pretty pleased now that I put them on Facebook. I don’t think she can decide what to use as a cover photo.

I had a pretty good time, it was nice to see that me and my friend hadn’t wasted our time on presents she wouldn’t like. Her mum liked mine, and apparently she’s brutally honest. I must be doing well :D


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