A unicorn appears! (FO Friday?)

Say hello to Charlize the Unicorn, although that is my name choice, not my friends.



After two days of almost solid work I have got her finished just in time for my friends birthday party. I added little crosses for her nose and used duplicate stitch to swing the colour change to the back since I took these photos, so don’t worry about it looking odd. I’ll be taking a small break (I’ll probably last two days knowing me) so my wrist can recover.

Now I just have to work out how to wrap it and get it to her. I might have a box somewhere…


7 thoughts on “A unicorn appears! (FO Friday?)

    • Looks like it’s coming along nicely, the 3mm hook version was actually bigger than I expected, about 5 inches tall. I would imagine yours would be a lot bigger than that. More to cuddle though. :D

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